PE Honey Foam Granule

During the production phase, the scrap is broken by a nylon crushing machine. It consists of a mixture of transparent colored stretch, pallet cover and all Aype nylon products.


Polyethylene Manufacturing

In the production phase, scrap is broken by a nylon crushing machine. It consists of a mixture of palette cover used in its own color and all Aype (Low Density Polyethylene) nylon products and color is added.

PE Honey Foam Granule Usage Areas
  • Plastic Bag manufacturing,
  • 2. Quality Plastic bag manufacturing,
  • Garbage bag manufacturing,
  • Drip irrigation hoses,
  • Electrical pipes etc.
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What Does 1 Ton Plastic Gain?

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Take a closer look at recycling.

  • Scrap films delivered to the factory in bales come to our selection line to be sorted according to color, type and physical properties.
  • Here, the films selected and separated are taken to the crushing line.
  • Films that are broken into smaller pieces are called ‘burr’ and pass to the washing line from there to the drying line.
  • The washed burrs we obtain are fed into the granule line and become raw material.
  • Recycled granules are used in film production and become 100% recycled garbage bags.
  • Production is made in the form of desired color, thickness, size, printing and packaging and becomes ready for loading.