The Future of Packaging

Our company was established by Ali Dinç in 2002 and has completed numerous projects with high quality service and experienced employees so far.

Your solution partner in plastic.

While constantly renewing ourselves and our product range, we strive to produce the most practical and easy solutions for end consumers.


We have been serving with the best service and quality understanding with our expert team since 2002.


With the power of developing technology, we are increasing our products and services to higher levels every day with the investments we make in our business.

The power behind our services

Take a closer look at recycling.

  • Scrap films delivered to the factory in bales come to our selection line to be sorted according to color, type and physical properties.
  • Here, the films selected and separated are taken to the crushing line.
  • Films that are broken into smaller pieces are called ‘burr’ and pass to the washing line from there to the drying line.
  • The washed burrs we obtain are fed into the granule line and become raw material.
  • Recycled granules are used in film production and become 100% recycled garbage bags.
  • Production is made in the form of desired color, thickness, size, printing and packaging and becomes ready for loading.

Our Mission

To provide high quality service to our customers all over the world with the power of technology, our responsibilities towards the environment by always renewing ourselves, to serve our country by creating job opportunities in our sector, to work with all our strength for the continuous development of our team, products and services.

our vision

To be the best solution partner in plastic raw material production with our experienced team by harmonizing new technologies and methods.

Our basic principles

  • Employee and Customer Satisfaction
  • High quality
  • Innovation
  • To Provide Efficient, Effective, Efficient and Continuously Improving Services
  • Respect for the Environment

Our services

By renewing our services, we produce practical and easy solutions for end consumers.