Silage / Pulp Packaging Nylon

Silage Bags provide more flexibility and advantages than traditional silage applications. It is designed for the fermentation and storage of animal feed. Silage bags are used effectively on high-moisture grains, dry grains, barns and dry grass used outdoors.

Usage Advantages

The most important advantage of this technique compared to other techniques is that it allows for indoor storage; It enables the silage to be delivered to animals without the need for rain, mud, snow, ice in winter or the need for construction equipment or tractors. Silage bags can be used over and over again if care is taken while filling, stacking and unloading.
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Take a closer look at recycling.

  • Scrap films delivered to the factory in bales come to our selection line to be sorted according to color, type and physical properties.
  • Here, the films selected and separated are taken to the crushing line.
  • Films that are broken into smaller pieces are called ‘burr’ and pass to the washing line from there to the drying line.
  • The washed burrs we obtain are fed into the granule line and become raw material.
  • Recycled granules are used in film production and become 100% recycled garbage bags.
  • Production is made in the form of desired color, thickness, size, printing and packaging and becomes ready for loading.