Garbage Bags

New generation garbage bags can be produced from original recycled raw material as well as in sizes and thicknesses that can meet all expectations. Garbage bags, which are above the standards, with high quality and flexibility, are now much more robust and durable, can be safely used for all kinds of waste collection operations.


  • It is economical due to the material used in its production.
  • It is practical compared to other transportation methods.
  • It has high strength and does not require extra cost.
  • The material used is environmentally friendly.

Garbage Bag Types

  • Industrial Type Garbage Bag
  • Bulk Garbage Bag
  • Medical Waste Bag
  • Heavy Duty Bag
  • Household Garbage Bag


In Which Dimensions Is It Produced?
  • Small Garbage Bags (40×45 or 50 cm),
  • Medium Garbage Bags (55×60 or 65 cm),
  • Large Garbage Bags (65×80 or 85 cm),
  • Oversized Garbage Bags (75×90 or 95 cm),
  • Jumbo Garbage Bags (80 x 100 or 110 cm)
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What Does 1 Ton Plastic Gain?

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The power behind our services

Take a closer look at recycling.

  • Scrap films delivered to the factory in bales come to our selection line to be sorted according to color, type and physical properties.
  • Burada seçilen ve ayrıştırılan filmler kırma hattına götürülür.
  • Films that are broken into smaller pieces are called ‘burr’ and pass to the washing line from there to the drying line.
  • The washed burrs we obtain are fed into the granule line and become raw material.
  • Recycled granules are used in film production and become 100% recycled garbage bags.
  • Production is made in the form of desired color, thickness, size, printing and packaging and becomes ready for loading.